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UGA Greek Life: Silence, Rumors, Race and Misogyny

Just as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, so do the seeds of self-destruction within the national Greek community. As stories of racial, sexual, and social indiscretions come to gain headline-grabbing public scrutiny, we are forced to evaluate the nature of our own Greek community at the University of Georgia. The information that has surfaced in the media at other universities has serious implications that seem to serve more and more as a testament to an epidemic within the culture, and less and less as an indication of just a few bad apples.

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Undocumented Becoming Uneducated in Georgia

BY MONICA VEGA Daniela Martinez always knew she was undocumented. However, she did not realize the implications or rather the limitations that being undocumented placed on her education until she was in high school. The 19 year old from Norcross, Georgia said, “I noticed it once I saw my childhood friends applying for their dream… Continue reading Undocumented Becoming Uneducated in Georgia