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Hardships, Faith, and Diversity with Jackie Cruz

By Samantha Ward Tuesday evening, an estimated 400 students filled the Tate Grand Hall to hear Jackie Cruz, known as Flaca Gonzales on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, talk for the University of Georgia’s Latino Heritage Month about her life and the adversity she went through in order to become an actress… Continue reading Hardships, Faith, and Diversity with Jackie Cruz

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Starting Up a Conversation

By Samantha Ward Natural disasters have a way of making people pay attention, even if it is only for a limited amount of time. After the earthquake in 2010, we heard a lot more about the small, Caribbean country of Haiti. Through this long ongoing process of recovery, we continue to hear much about how… Continue reading Starting Up a Conversation

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Kim Davis: American Hero?

By Monica Vega After the groundbreaking announcement in June 2015 that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry it seemed that marriage equality was a guaranteed right in the United States. At least that is what David Moore and his fiancée thought until they walked into the Rowan County clerk’s… Continue reading Kim Davis: American Hero?

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Minorities shine in 2015 Emmys

By Adele Auguste The 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony offered a night of firsts for minority actors and actresses as both Viola Davis and Peter Dinklage left the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles with high honors. Davis became the first African-American woman to win "Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series" while Dinklage, a… Continue reading Minorities shine in 2015 Emmys

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UGA Greek Life: Silence, Rumors, Race and Misogyny

Just as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, so do the seeds of self-destruction within the national Greek community. As stories of racial, sexual, and social indiscretions come to gain headline-grabbing public scrutiny, we are forced to evaluate the nature of our own Greek community at the University of Georgia. The information that has surfaced in the media at other universities has serious implications that seem to serve more and more as a testament to an epidemic within the culture, and less and less as an indication of just a few bad apples.

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Global Classrooms: Diversity of Study Abroad Participants Remains Limited

BY MOLLIE SIMON Passports are the doors to the different cultures, customs, foreign foods, exotic experiences, and unique perspectives found on the expansive, orbiting rock we all call home. According to the United States Department of State, a total of 13,287,573[1] Americans applied for passports in 2014 and over one million international flights took to the… Continue reading Global Classrooms: Diversity of Study Abroad Participants Remains Limited

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Killer Michael Render Calls for Social Reform

BY CONNER BRYAN With only the information that Killer Mike was to be speaking, I arrived at Tate Theatre on Thursday April 2, thinking he would be discussing his music to advertise his show at the Georgia Theatre on April 4 as part of the rap duo (along with rapper/producer El-P) Run the Jewels. What… Continue reading Killer Michael Render Calls for Social Reform

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Turning Energy into Meaning: Pagan Students Celebrate Ostara

BY MOLLIE SIMON The greenery and warmth of spring bring fresh energy and excitement to the air. While most people give little notice to the changes though, Pagan students at the University of Georgia find special meaning in that energy. For Pagans, March 20 and 21 not only mark the spring equinox, but they also… Continue reading Turning Energy into Meaning: Pagan Students Celebrate Ostara

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Dating Across Racial Boundaries: UGA Students’ Stance on Interracial Relationships

BY KELCEY CAULDER People often say that the Millennial Generation, made up of individuals born from the 1980s to the early 2000s, is very different from its predecessors. We are stereotypically considered the most progressive generation thus far, exhibiting less racism and sexism while also supporting legislation promoting social equality. The University of Georgia, however,… Continue reading Dating Across Racial Boundaries: UGA Students’ Stance on Interracial Relationships

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Korean Night Brings Flavorful “Seoul” to Athens

BY MOLLIE SIMON For those adventurous students unable to hop on a plane for the 7,120 mile journey from Athens to Seoul, South Korea, Korean Night offers an immersive sampling of the Asian culture without leaving campus. On March 22 the Korean Undergraduate Student Association’s hosted its ninth annual Korean Night, titled “Seoul of Athens,”… Continue reading Korean Night Brings Flavorful “Seoul” to Athens

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Diverse Palates Adjust to College Cuisine

BY MOLLIE SIMON Whether it means grabbing a midnight breakfast at Snelling or using a milkshake to conquer an intense round of studying at Bolton, food plays an important role in the culture of UGA students. But, for some individuals, it can be hard to feel at home eating college cuisine when it is a… Continue reading Diverse Palates Adjust to College Cuisine

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Guo Nian Hao! Happy New Year!

BY MONICA VEGA The Spring Festival is an annual tradition celebrated in China and worldwide. The festival marks the beginning of the Lunar Year, also known as the Chinese New Year and is marked by a presiding animal zodiac. This fifteen day celebration is marked with fireworks, special meals, and an abundance of the color… Continue reading Guo Nian Hao! Happy New Year!

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Africa Night to Promote Modern Feminism

BY MORGAN BROWN As part of the annual tradition of Ethnic Nights put on by many International Student Life (ISL) organizations, the African Student Union’s (ASU) Africa Night will be taking place February 20th and 21st in Morton Theater. This year’s Africa Night will be a play entitled “Just a Woman.” “Just a Woman,” directed… Continue reading Africa Night to Promote Modern Feminism

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Different Color, Same Soul

By Vanilla Sherry I packed my suitcases, arrived at the airport, waved to my parents and then went to the security check. Shining under the beautiful warm 2 pm sunlight, the large airplane stood on the ground peacefully. I knew it was time to leave. I had a hard time making decisions about where to… Continue reading Different Color, Same Soul