Protestors Gather at the Arch Against President Trump’s Immigration Ban

Photos by Nick Hummel Across the country, people gathered in protest following President Donald Trump’s executive order on January 27th which denied entry into the United States for nationals from seven predominately Muslim countries: Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iran and Iraq. The ban revoked about 60,000 visas. In Athens, Protestors gathered in a show of solidarity with immigrants and refugees. The most notable was the … Continue reading Protestors Gather at the Arch Against President Trump’s Immigration Ban

A Politically Polarized America

By Katy Sunderland When real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump announced he was running for president, many people thought it was a joke. However, as he gained more and more followers, those same people started sweating bullets. From making jokes about women on their periods to suggesting a wall between the US and Mexico to sharing a quote made famous by Mussolini, … Continue reading A Politically Polarized America

“Feeling the Bern” at UGA

By Monica Vega As the largest voting demographic body in the United States, millennials have been centrally targeted by presidential hopefuls in the 2016 campaign. However, one candidate has been especially successful in his efforts — Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, began his campaign as a long shot but has recently become Hillary Clinton’s most formidable opponent for the Democratic nomination. Sander’s skyrocketing popularity … Continue reading “Feeling the Bern” at UGA