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Hunting for the Hispanic Vote

BY MONICA VEGA Since the beginning of the rise of the Hispanic population in the 1980’s, a pattern in voting has remained unchanged: Hispanics tend to vote Democratic. No Republican candidate since 1980 has gained a majority of the Hispanic vote. Furthermore, the number of Hispanics in the US has been steadily rising. No one… Continue reading Hunting for the Hispanic Vote

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Undocumented Becoming Uneducated in Georgia

BY MONICA VEGA Daniela Martinez always knew she was undocumented. However, she did not realize the implications or rather the limitations that being undocumented placed on her education until she was in high school. The 19 year old from Norcross, Georgia said, “I noticed it once I saw my childhood friends applying for their dream… Continue reading Undocumented Becoming Uneducated in Georgia