Colorful Profession

Colors aren’t normally the first thing someone thinks about when it comes to professionalism, but when it comes to grooming in the workplace, colors hold a stronger weight. Continue reading Colorful Profession


But There’s Two Sides To Every Story…

Joyner’s music video displays two men opposite sides of a table in a relatively barren warehouse. The man speaking these words? White. The man receiving these words? Black. The voice delivering these confrontational and provocative words? Joyner Lucas, a rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts with a white mother and a black father, and two sides of a heavy coin. Continue reading But There’s Two Sides To Every Story…

Stop Doodling In My Class

It always starts with a class. Half will be paying attention to their social media feed, while the other half will be focusing on what the professor is saying. Some go as far as taking a different approach to “note taking,” scribbling their own ideas on the subject by marking up the side of their notebook with dashes, circles or turning their creative endeavors into a masterpiece.   Continue reading Stop Doodling In My Class