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Korean Night Brings Flavorful “Seoul” to Athens

BY MOLLIE SIMON For those adventurous students unable to hop on a plane for the 7,120 mile journey from Athens to Seoul, South Korea, Korean Night offers an immersive sampling of the Asian culture without leaving campus. On March 22 the Korean Undergraduate Student Association’s hosted its ninth annual Korean Night, titled “Seoul of Athens,”… Continue reading Korean Night Brings Flavorful “Seoul” to Athens

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Is It Really Skin Deep?

BY MONICA VEGA The Other “-ism” The problem of racism is undoubtedly one that plagues all areas of the world and has created deep wedges in the path toward world unity and universal acceptance. However, there appears to be a subtler, more intraculturally formidable “-ism” which haunts a majority of the races today. Colorism, defined as… Continue reading Is It Really Skin Deep?