Luxury Student Apartments Move Into Downtown Athens

By Madeline Jackson The landscape of downtown Athens has changed drastically over the past five years. Apartments such as The Mark, The Standard, Uncommon, 909 Broad and Georgia Heights have moved in with top-of-the-line amenities ranging from Bluetooth enabled shower speakers to infinity pools overlooking Sanford Stadium; all within walking distance from the University of Georgia campus. “I believe that students have always wanted to … Continue reading Luxury Student Apartments Move Into Downtown Athens

New Modeling Agency at UGA Wants to Know: How B.O.L.D. Are You?

By Raven Rice A University of Georgia undergraduate may be giving some of America’s next top models a platform by establishing a modeling agency on the campus of UGA. The new agency is called B.O.L.D., which stands for Black. Ostentatious. Lawless. Daedal. The agency is the first multicultural modeling agency at the University of Georgia, and is organized by students who want to highlight black culture … Continue reading New Modeling Agency at UGA Wants to Know: How B.O.L.D. Are You?

Smoky Haze over Athens

By: Julia Sanders First year, Intended Journalism major Online section writer With a divisive presidential election happening last week and upcoming final exams looming just on the horizon, students at the University of Georgia are likely experiencing a mental fog. Meanwhile, UGA’s campus has been experiencing a very real fog. The smoky haze rolled onto campus, accompanied by the strong smell of a campfire on … Continue reading Smoky Haze over Athens

UGA’s Great Debate

By Caitlyn Richtman The University of Georgia’s Young Democrats and College Republicans faced off for the annual Great Debate on October 6. This was the first year The Great Debate was held in Tate Grand Hall, and more than 300 students showed up for the pizza and politics put on by the Georgia Political Review in association with University Union and Georgia Debate Union. “It’s … Continue reading UGA’s Great Debate

Secular Student Alliance Fundraises to End Religious Violence

Secular Student Alliance member Mars Hallman, being pelted with a water balloon – photo by Katherine Miller By Rebecca Mackelprang Too often does the far reach of religious violence go undiscussed. On Tuesday, September 13, the UGA Secular Student Alliance held a unique fundraiser outside the Tate Center to highlight the issue. At the event, titled “Stone a Heathen,” donors could pay a dollar to … Continue reading Secular Student Alliance Fundraises to End Religious Violence

The Institute for Women’s Studies Presents Fall Friday Speaker Series

By Samantha Ward Is your schedule too crowded to squeeze in those women’s studies classes you are interested in? Fear not: There’s another way to get your weekly dose of feminism! Now through November 4, the Institute for Women’s Studies (IWS) is hosting their weekly Friday speaker series at 12:20 p.m. in room 214 at the Miller Learning Center. Terri Hatfield, program coordinator for IWS, … Continue reading The Institute for Women’s Studies Presents Fall Friday Speaker Series

Rezaroo Festival

By Samantha Ward Thursday, April 14, the Resident Hall Association hosted this year’s Rezaroo, a music and arts festival featuring local musicians. Throughout the evening, UGA residents came together to chill out on the quad and enjoy the musical stylings of those who call Athens home. From the sweet, acoustic vibe of the Jaclyn Steel Band that recalls a younger Taylor Swift to the indie, … Continue reading Rezaroo Festival

Pajoma Dance Company’s Spring Show

By Morgan Brown Pamoja Dance Company, UGA’s multicultural student dance organization, has begun selling tickets for their Spring show. Tickets are being sold via the Tate Student Center ticket office. They will be performing the show, Untamed: Unleash the Beast, in Morton Theatre the weekend of April 29. In total, there will be two shows: one on Friday, April 29 and one on Sunday, May … Continue reading Pajoma Dance Company’s Spring Show

UGA Plans to Upgrade Wi-Fi Network in Residence Halls

By Kalah Mingo Dameco Young, a first year Theatre and Communications major from West Point, GA, sat down in his Russell Hall dorm room to take his weekly psychology quiz. He completed the readings and felt prepared. He logged into E-Learning Commons (eLC) and used his one attempt to take the timed quiz. Once satisfied with his answers and with a few minutes to spare, … Continue reading UGA Plans to Upgrade Wi-Fi Network in Residence Halls

The Panama Papers

By Scotti Morris What are the Panama Papers? They are the more than 11.5 million doucuments that an anonymous leaker sent to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on April 3. These documents implicated several global leaders and personalities who obscured undisclosed amounts of cash in tax-free overseas “offshore accounts” provided by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. While many of the individuals involved … Continue reading The Panama Papers