Protestors Gather at the Arch Against President Trump’s Immigration Ban

Photos by Nick Hummel

Across the country, people gathered in protest following President Donald Trump’s executive order on January 27th which denied entry into the United States for nationals from seven predominately Muslim countries: Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iran and Iraq. The ban revoked about 60,000 visas. In Athens, Protestors gathered in a show of solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

The most notable was the fairly sudden protest that arose with a large turnout at JFK Airport in New York City.

People from the banned countries began to be allowed entry and reentry into the country after U.S. District Judge James Robart ordered a temporary restraining order on the ban Saturday Morning. The Appeals court rejected the Justice Department’s request to place a stay on Robart’s order while the court reviews the decision.


Take Back the Night 2016

Photos by Jane Snyder.

On Friday, April 8 UGA’s Women Studies Student Organization hosted their spring fundraiser, Take Back the Night, at Nuçi’s Space. The event featured a musical performance by Awkward Thrust and speakers from The Cottage and Project Safe. At the end of the night, everyone gathered for a march to the Arch and a candlelit vigil for survivors and victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.