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Why Your Silence Angers Us

By: Anna Rayford On May 25, 2020, another unarmed Black man was killed at the hands of a group of people whose sole job is to protect the members of their community. Instead, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer after an employee at a grocery store assumed he had a counterfeit $20 bill. … Continue reading Why Your Silence Angers Us

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Learning More Languages Means Opening More Doors

  By: Michelle Manganiello Writer When I mention that I study languages at college, I usually get one of two responses: “Wow! That’s so cool!” or “I don’t know how you do that, languages are so hard for me.” In fact, both answers ring true: languages can be very difficult to learn, but also doubly… Continue reading Learning More Languages Means Opening More Doors

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Social Media and the Kenneka Jenkins Case

By: Nia Waller Online Section Writer On Sept. 19, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel, an innocent gathering of friends turned to tragedy. Kenneka Jenkins arrived at the Crowne Plaza around 1 a.m., what happened after that point has been disputed. Around 4 a.m., Jenkin's friends called the police to report her missing.… Continue reading Social Media and the Kenneka Jenkins Case

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A Year in the Making: Why Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” is Still Essential

By: Alexandra Travis  Web Director  You know an album is timeless if a year has gone by and it still seems like a new release every time you hit play. That is how Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” is for me. Sept. 30 marks the one-year anniversary of its release, and I still play… Continue reading A Year in the Making: Why Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” is Still Essential

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You can thank Twitter for the diversity at the Oscars

By: Alexandra Travis Social media always covers awards season extensively. People wait on the edge of their seats to see if their favorite actor or singer has been nominated for their latest project. They then take to Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to express their support or disdain over who received nominations. This time last year,… Continue reading You can thank Twitter for the diversity at the Oscars

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The Issue of Building the Wall

By Monica Vega “Build a wall!” has recently become a popular answer to the question, “What should we do about our immigration problem?” Popularized by the now infamous presidential hopeful Donald Trump, this idea has gained momentum among many Americans. To Trump supporters, it seems like the most logical and efficient way to keep immigrants… Continue reading The Issue of Building the Wall

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Cruz, Rubio Not Latino Enough?

By Monica Vega When Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz first announced their presidential aspirations, many predicted that their campaigns would result in a higher number of the Latino vote going to the GOP. Both candidates seemed to reflect the image of the American Latino. Marco Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants and fluent in… Continue reading Cruz, Rubio Not Latino Enough?


A Politically Polarized America

By Katy Sunderland When real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump announced he was running for president, many people thought it was a joke. However, as he gained more and more followers, those same people started sweating bullets. From making jokes about women on their periods to suggesting a wall between the US… Continue reading A Politically Polarized America

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A Note from Your Neighborhood Ginger

By Samantha Ward We go by many names: Red, Ginger, Carrot Top, Rusty, Cherry, Fire Cr. . . I think you get the idea. Once a year, when the shamrocks are unfurling and the green ale is flowing, redheads are celebrated along with St. Patrick (because apparently we are all Irish). Considering only 1 to… Continue reading A Note from Your Neighborhood Ginger

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Kim Davis: American Hero?

By Monica Vega After the groundbreaking announcement in June 2015 that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry it seemed that marriage equality was a guaranteed right in the United States. At least that is what David Moore and his fiancée thought until they walked into the Rowan County clerk’s… Continue reading Kim Davis: American Hero?