After The System

According to the Connection Homes website, in the United States there are up to 2 million young adults ages 18 to 24 who are homeless. More than 55,000 young adults become homeless each year and 27,000 become too old for foster care when they turn 18. Continue reading After The System


You Got Stress?

College can be a pretty scary place. In high school, hype and anticipation surrounds it. People will attack you with generic questions such as where you’re going to school, what you’re going to study, where you’re going to live, what your career plans are, among others. Continue reading You Got Stress?

Stop Doodling In My Class

It always starts with a class. Half will be paying attention to their social media feed, while the other half will be focusing on what the professor is saying. Some go as far as taking a different approach to “note taking,” scribbling their own ideas on the subject by marking up the side of their notebook with dashes, circles or turning their creative endeavors into a masterpiece.   Continue reading Stop Doodling In My Class