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Malls: The End of an Era

By: Michelle Manganiello  Writer If you are from the Alpharetta or Roswell area, you would recognize the words “North Point Mall” anywhere. This is where you got your American Girl doll at the American Girl store, where you made your first bear at Build-A-Bear, or where you met your friends in the food court or… Continue reading Malls: The End of an Era

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I Sound Like Death, I Sound Like Life: The Larry Fisherman Story

Popular hip-hop artist Mac Miller, (born Malcolm James McCormick) passed away on Sept. 7 due to a suspected overdose at the age of 26, leaving behind an incredibly varied career in hip-hop and a legacy characterized as much by his growth as an artist as what Ariana Grande described as “demons he never deserved” that ultimately took his life.

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But There’s Two Sides To Every Story…

Joyner’s music video displays two men opposite sides of a table in a relatively barren warehouse. The man speaking these words? White. The man receiving these words? Black. The voice delivering these confrontational and provocative words? Joyner Lucas, a rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts with a white mother and a black father, and two sides of a heavy coin.

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Stop Doodling In My Class

It always starts with a class. Half will be paying attention to their social media feed, while the other half will be focusing on what the professor is saying. Some go as far as taking a different approach to “note taking,” scribbling their own ideas on the subject by marking up the side of their notebook with dashes, circles or turning their creative endeavors into a masterpiece.