Let’s Talk About Consent

The first article I ever wrote as a college journalist was about sexual assault for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in 2016. Since that article was written, the social landscape that we live in has changed. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Consent


Stop Doodling In My Class

It always starts with a class. Half will be paying attention to their social media feed, while the other half will be focusing on what the professor is saying. Some go as far as taking a different approach to “note taking,” scribbling their own ideas on the subject by marking up the side of their notebook with dashes, circles or turning their creative endeavors into a masterpiece.   Continue reading Stop Doodling In My Class

Remedies to Help You Survive Flu Season

By: Hayley Hasberger  Online Section Writer It’s that time of year when everyone is getting sick around campus and you’re trying to avoid catching anything yourself. Whether you’re getting over a cold, battling a sinus infection or fighting off germs with hand sanitizer, here are a few helpful tips and tricks according to Healthline that will get you through the flu season. The most obvious … Continue reading Remedies to Help You Survive Flu Season