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A Mission With Makeup

Xayla Wilson, co-founder and president of UGA’s new organization, GLAM Dawgs, poses for a portrait in New York City. (Photo by Kayla Foy) By: Kalah Mingo  Creative Director  Rihanna’s recent launch of her new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, has flown off of Sephora shelves everywhere. With a message of diversity and inclusivity, Fenty Beauty focuses… Continue reading A Mission With Makeup

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Women of Color Take Their Place in the Business World

by Kalah Mingo The world of business and entrepreneurship has experienced a shift in the past few years. According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, women-owned businesses have grown 45 percent over the past nine years, making the rate of growth five times the national average. Georgia is the second fastest growing state… Continue reading Women of Color Take Their Place in the Business World

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Repeat Offender: The Fashion Industry’s Continuous Use of Blackface

BY MONICA VEGA The fashion industry can be described as innovative, dynamic, and as a field for self-expression. More so, however, the fashion industry has always been prone to controversy. In an industry where shock value is everything, it seems only logical to introduce a dose of controversy. But when you walk this line, it… Continue reading Repeat Offender: The Fashion Industry’s Continuous Use of Blackface

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Is It Really Skin Deep?

BY MONICA VEGA The Other “-ism” The problem of racism is undoubtedly one that plagues all areas of the world and has created deep wedges in the path toward world unity and universal acceptance. However, there appears to be a subtler, more intraculturally formidable “-ism” which haunts a majority of the races today. Colorism, defined as… Continue reading Is It Really Skin Deep?

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Cultural Appropriation: Disrespect Made Trendy

BY MORGAN BROWN As time allows the for more multicultural interactions globally as well as locally, people tend to pride themselves on a perceived aptitude for discussing cultural differences as experienced voices, if not experts. In reality, there is an increased ambiguity that makes it even more difficult to debate, much less agree on, the… Continue reading Cultural Appropriation: Disrespect Made Trendy