Georgia Activist to Host book Launch Party

Jamaican immigrant Mokah-Jasmine Johnson is in the fight for racial justice.

February 14, 2018

Athens, Georgia—Artist and activist Mokah-Jasmine Johnson has spent the past few years of her life fighting for justice and building a movement in the college town of Athens, Georgia.

Now the activist and educator is set to release her debut book “Spirit of an Activist: Stop Sitting on the Sidelines” during a launch party at Cine (234 W. Hancock Ave., Athens, Georgia) on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m. The book is available for presale.

“I wrote the book to give an account of how a wife, mother and entrepreneur could become who I am today—an activist seeking social justice in my community,” said Mokah, who moved to Athens in 2011.  “I want people to know and understand that it only takes one event to stoke the fire and desire to make a change, but it can take a lifetime of experiences and allies to build a movement.”

“Spirit of an Activist,” tells Mokah’s story from her early days as a Jamaican immigrant to the United States, to her recent work in building the Athens (Georgia) Anti-Discrimination Movement in response to racial injustices not only in her hometown, but also across the nation.

“The police shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin woke me up, but surprisingly, six years later a drink called “Niggarita” made me jump into action,” Mokah writes of her first foray into local activism. The discovery of the drink on the menu of General Beauregard’s, a Confederate-themed bar in Athens — home to the University of Georgia — made national attention and spurred Mokah and her husband, Knowa, into action.

Part survival manual, part manifesto for the examined life and part biography, “Spirit of an Activist” is an honest and searching book that will inspire readers to actualize their potential as citizens during these desperate and politically fraught times.

Mokah’s voice is one of wisdom, experience, leadership, and love — with a parting message that we are all bound together as neighbors, no matter our differences.


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Mokah-Jasmine Johnson is an educator; activist; and music, media and marketing entrepreneur. She is a mother of four and grandmother of two. Mokah, along with her husband Knowa, co-founded the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement, a grassroots organization that aims to combat discrimination through education and activism. She holds an M.S. in education, media design and technology from Full Sail University and a B.S. in marketing management. She is also the vice president and co-owner of United Group of Artists (UGA Live), a marketing, consulting and event production company. In January on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Mokah and her husband Knowa were honored by Georgia State Rep. Deborah Gonzales with a House Resolution honoring their community service.

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