UGA Student Group Coalition hosted Day of Inclusion in contribution to #DisruptJ20

The lead up to and turnout of the 2016 Presidential Election created a harsh line of division through the American people. When the results came in on Election Day, many progressives were left feeling defeated and hopeless. However, the protests, marches, and rallies surrounding Inauguration Day have made it clear that liberal citizens are not giving up in the fight to have their voices heard.

University of Georgia student leaders contributed to this by hosting an event known as the UGA Day of Inclusion, where students gathered to listen to speakers from various progressive student organizations about the challenges they may be facing now that President Donald Trump has officially been sworn in and came together as a group in solidarity during this difficult time.

Suman Barat, a junior studying biology and women’s studies from Bangalore, India, says her goal was “to stand against racism, sexism, zionism, homophobia, all things that oppress marginalized groups on our campus, and acknowledging the fact that the problem’s not necessarily Trump. It’s America and how it’s run and how we have issues in our political system that oppress the rights of marginalized individuals.”

Barat is part of Amnesty International, one of the ten student organizations on UGA campus that make up the Progressive Action Coalition.


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