New Modeling Agency at UGA Wants to Know: How B.O.L.D. Are You?

By Raven Rice

A University of Georgia undergraduate may be giving some of America’s next top models a platform by establishing a modeling agency on the campus of UGA.

The new agency is called B.O.L.D., which stands for Black. Ostentatious. Lawless. Daedal. The agency is the first multicultural modeling agency at the University of Georgia, and is organized by students who want to highlight black culture through fashion while bridging the gap between fashion in Athens and Atlanta.

“I saw a need for an organization that catered to minorities to reflect that there is diversity in fashion,” said Kayla Hutchinson, founder of B.O.L.D. modeling agency.

Hutchinson created an executive board of 20 fashion enthusiasts, who are also students at UGA. The board consists of makeup artists, fashion stylists, photographers, webmasters and a treasurer.

Sean Stewart, the webmaster, elaborated on his role in B.O.L.D.

“I am the webmaster, but the executive board isn’t limited,” he said.

“Each member gets their position duties done first, then you get the chance to venture out and do what you want in the fashion industry. That’s what I like about B.O.L.D., because I am not restricted to just one avenue,” Stewart said.

B.O.L.D. conducted its first casting calls in August. 38 models of all shapes and sizes interviewed and strutted their best cat walks for judges, and were selected to represent the agency for the 2016-2017 school year.

Morgan-Tierra Ukanou, one of the models, said her experience was revitalizing.

“I’ve done fashion shows in the past, but I think that B.O.L.D. chose models that bring their own individual style to the table, which I love,” she said.

B.O.L.D. strives to not only have a lasting impression on its members, but seeks to change the fashion atmosphere at UGA.

“We want to encourage all students to be confident, be yourself and embrace who you are,” Ukanou said.

Hutchinson and Stewart said they want students around campus to retire the typical athletic wear, and get bold with their wardrobe a few days of the school week.

“Athens has a prominent fashion industry, that so many people don’t know about. There are many unique boutiques that students should take advantage of,” Hutchinson said.

B.O.L.D. will hold its second fashion show in the Spring 2017. The date and location of the show will be released on the B.OL.D. Twitter page, @BOLDatUGA.

“The fashion show will be an accurate representation of our mission to celebrate the beauty in diversity among all men and women,” Hutchinson said.

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