Rezaroo Festival

By Samantha Ward

Thursday, April 14, the Resident Hall Association hosted this year’s Rezaroo, a music and arts festival featuring local musicians. Throughout the evening, UGA residents came together to chill out on the quad and enjoy the musical stylings of those who call Athens home. From the sweet, acoustic vibe of the Jaclyn Steel Band that recalls a younger Taylor Swift to the indie, electronica tunes of American Mannequins that had everyone’s glowsticks swinging along, these bands showed the diverse offerings of Athens’ music scene.

Beyond music, students also indulged in an array of popsicles provided by King of Pops, including chocolate sea salt and strawberry lemonade. Students also had the chance to learn about a handful of organizations making a positive impact on the community, such as Project HOPE, Service Ambassadors and the Lambda Alliance. Though it was a relatively small crowd, Rezaroo served as an enjoyable recharge for all before the hectic days leading up to finals.

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