Pajoma Dance Company’s Spring Show

By Morgan Brown

untamedflyerPamoja Dance Company, UGA’s multicultural student dance organization, has begun selling tickets for their Spring show. Tickets are being sold via the Tate Student Center ticket office.

They will be performing the show, Untamed: Unleash the Beast, in Morton Theatre the weekend of April 29.

lastsemesterflyerIn total, there will be two shows: one on Friday, April 29 and one on Sunday, May 1. Tickets are $5 for UGA students and $7 for non-UGA students.

The theme comes from various sources, most particularly feedback from fall semester’s show, DOPE: A ‘90s Compilation, PDC President Iria Creamer said. Creamer, a graduating senior, is a communication studies major and public health minor from Atlanta.

iriacreamer“We just thought ‘What did people love from the last show?’” Creamer said. “Then, we asked ourselves ‘What if we had a show that’s non-stop fire?”

Untamed: Unleash the Beast refers to high-energy, high-intensity dancing, Creamer said. However, the original theme was actually Beast Mode.

“We just didn’t vibe with that,” Creamer said.

Pamoja’s Show Coordinator Brittany Couch explained the transition from Beast Mode to Untamed: Unleash the Beast.

“We wanted the theme to describe that great feeling you get when you ‘go into beast mode’ or you get hype,” Couch, an entertainment and media studies graduating senior from Warner Robbins, said.

Untamed: Unleast the Beast still alludes to common terms in dance culture, according to Couch, who is also attaining a music business certificate and is a teacher for Dancefx in Athens.

“Great dancers or dancers who have ‘mad talent’ are typically called beasts,” Couch said. “So we wanted to keep that frame while still emphasizing hype moments.”

PCD e-board
PCD exec board (Brittany Couch, top-right; Nicole Speights, bottom-left; Iria Creamer, mid-left)

Vice President of PDC, Nicole Speights, summarized the appeal of emphasizing hype.

“Pamoja is always getting better… This is better in that it’s something new. Pamoja has never done it before,” Speights, a graduating senior in sociology from Atlanta, said.

Untamed: Unleash the Beast will feature at least two guest performers, according to Couch. Currently, the confirmed guests are Concert Dance Company, Danefx’s premier dance company, and Tap Dawgs.

BMLS Fall 2015 emcee photo shoot

On whether Creamer will have any guests acting as emcee as with leading members of the Black Male Leadership Society in the fall show, Creamer advises attendees to “wait and see.”

Pamoja Dance Company has also recently changed the location of their dance show. Traditionally, PDC held their shows at the Oconee Civic Center. This year, they focused on bringing it closer to UGA.

Couch, as a member of Dancefx which regularly uses Morton, has experience with Morton Theatre.

“Morton is very beautiful, very historic in Athens,” Couch said. “My goal for Morton is that the audience enters the theater very calm, and then it’s high energy for the whole show.”

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