Fox & Friends, the Fox News morning show, kicked off its December 30 program by looking toward the new year. The discussion centered around things in 2014 that hopefully would not follow the world into 2015 (e.g.- pretzel buns and selfies!).

The well-meant attempt of what could be seen as an attempt at giving American culture New Year’s resolutions – and certainly we could use fewer pretzel buns on everything – quickly devolved into a religious statement when co-host Elisabeth Hasselback provided Twitter with some inspiration to tweet their own opinions with the hashtag #OverIt2014. Fox & Friends tweeted a picture of the smiling Hasselback stating she is over “attacks against Chrisitianity – in what is one of the most religiously tolerant and mostly Christian nations on the planet.

Logically, the teeming masses of Twitter users were inspired to use the hashtag to attack Fox News’ outrageous claim and other aspects of the channel.

Twitter user @gwswartz derided Fox broadly, claiming he was over, “Being subjected to climate change denial, fear mongering & racism presented as news. #OverIt2014,” things that Fox News has taken criticism for in the past.

Gabe Ortíz, Twitter user @TUSK81 tweeted, “ @foxandfriends I’m over “Survivor” contestants disguised as “journalists” #OverIt2014” referring to Hasselback’s past as a participant on the reality series, then rise to working for a national news source seemingly out of nowhere.

One user, @Anastas2002, went so far as to claim he was over “Fox News being treated as a legitimate news source.”

The resulting firestorm effectively put a swift end to any hope that the hashtag had of being perceived as legitimate. Perhaps in the new year we can look forward to more well-thought out social media campaigns from national news sources.

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